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Student creates spider robot with Dimension 3D Printer

Educational customers of Dimension 3D Printers are using their FDM machines to create more than just 3D prototypes. They’re building custom replacement parts to fix broken items, jigs and fixtures for their labs (called digital manufacturing or rapid manufacturing), models to make their competition pieces better, and even original pieces of art and architecture. Here’s an amazing example of a student creating a spider-like hexapod robot with the help of the school’s Dimension BST 1200es.

Matt Bunting of the University of Arizona created the robot, and it’s extremely cool. I was a teacher at one point in my life and really enjoyed it when I had a student that was smarter than I was. Matt reminds me of a student like that. With access to the 3D Printer, his ideas aren’t confined. The prototyping technology doesn’t limit him. His explanation of why he chose the specific processor and why he wanted to use a PlayStation 3 remote is worth a listen. Watch the video. It’s worth the 4 minutes.  He does a great job describing how the Fused Deposition Modeling technology works without a script from us.

Send me ideas or examples of how you have used or could use a 3D Printer to create something you have always wanted to make.  3D Printers are like dream makers, you take your idea, print it out layer by layer, and in a matter of hours you have your idea in your hands. 

Jesse Roitenberg

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