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3D Scanning Complements FDM Technology

Modeling “As Built” vs. “As Designed”

At the RAPID Show in Anahiem, Kevin Scofield, Sr. Product Manager of Geomagic, had a great presentation that explained the differences of modeling “As-Built” vs. “As-Designed” from 3D scanned data.

In general here’s how the two are defined:

Modeling “as-built:” Building a part directly from the 3D scanned data, replicating exactly the original part with all its defects and nuances entact. This 3D digital data cannot be easily modified with standard CAD applications. Using a direct digital manufacturing process — such as FDM — modeling "as-built" is used for replicating artifacts, art, or architecture, where the desire is to reproduce the thing exactly as it exists.

Modeling “as-designed:” Using reverse engineering software, such as Geomagic Studio to convert scanned data into solids or surfaces that can be read into CAD applications for further modifications. The desire here would be to reverse engineer components where the original CAD data is lost or had never been created. Doing this conversion would allow an engineer to make changes to the original component to function properly within a new or current product.

Real Life Application:

Rapid Plastic Prototyping of Pit Viper Components

Check out how 3D scanning and Fused Deposition Modeling technology was used to custom manufacture body components for a 1968 Mustang Fastback, using the modeling “As-Built” technique.

Using very creative methods, this team of auto restoration experts did the following:

1. Converted full scale 3D scan data of the Mustang to STL.
2. Produced a 1:4 scale of the STL so that it could be digitally manufactured on a Dimension 3D Printer or a Fortus 3D Production System.
3. Handcrafted side scoops, hood scoops, front grill, rear bumper and center console on the scaled model.
4. 3D scan of scaled handcrafted components.
5. Convert to STL and scaled back up to full size.
6. With Direct Digital Manufacturing, built full sized plastic FDM components to be fitted and bonded onto the original Mustang to create a truly one of a kind Pit Viper.

Get a sample part to see what FDM parts can do for you.

Tim Thellin

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