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Artists express themselves with 3D Printing

It’s not just engineers using 3D printers for concepts and design help. Increasingly, artists are using them to help visualize their design concepts and to aid creativity. 
3D Printed ArtAt the SME RAPID Show in Anaheim last week, I saw several works of art created with 3D printing. When you see the intricate shapes, it’s obvious that most of these designs would be very difficult if not impossible to build with other methods.

The designs shown here are the work of artist Bathsheba Grossman.

For designers just getting into using these technologies it must be eye-opening and  inspiring to consider the unlimited possibilities.
Stratasys’ RedEye On Demand business has taken orders from a number of artists who have designed their work in CAD and wanted it printed via FDM technology (fused deposition modeling) in ABS, PC, or other thermoplastic materials. A famous rock star gave us an order for a series of artistically stylized chairs and couches, which were then gold plated and presented as museum pieces. Our RedEye ARC division also created a functional “Alien Bike Rack” that was entered into a design contest in New York City.

I find it intriguing that 3D printers are used for design visualization (and the promotion of creativity) among groups as diverse as engineers and artists — right-brain thinkers and left-brain thinkers.

Tim Thellin

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