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From The Digital Manufacturing Floor – Episode 1

I try to take time each week to walk through our factory floor of nearly 100 FDM machines  to see what jobs are being built. I’m always amazed at the volume of activity and the breadth of applications.

In this special edition of my blog, I’d like to share with you some of the interesting jobs coming through our Redeye On Demand digital manufacturing facility. 

Although many of the jobs cannot be discussed, due to their proprietery nature, I’ll share when I can, and I’ll focus on the low-volume direct digital manufacturing jobs, large part jobs, and the unusual or complex parts. (our services).

Two jobs were of interest today:

Job #1

Alternative Plastic Injection Molding Process

This job is very intriguing as it’s actually end-use parts for a hobbyist. I’m not exactly sure what his hobby is but he’s having us run about 150 total parts of about 10 unique designs. They appear to be fairly simple parts but imagine the cost to produce your own unique custom designed parts via molding or even CNC; especially when you need only 150.

Job #2

Rapid Plastic Prototyping

This job was for a bio-tech application. The job consists of 8 unique parts with a total quantity of 160 ABS thermoplastic parts.

Again, these seem to be fairly simple geometries, but digitally manufacturing these with FDM technology was a cost-effective and a timely method to get ready-to-use parts quickly.
I’ll check in again later with the latest updates on interesting jobs from the RedEye Factory Floor.


Tim Thellin

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