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32 Production Parts Built via Direct Digital Manufacturing

We’ve been promoting the use of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) for low volume manufacturing applications for quite some time. Our sales, marketing and resellers have been taught the benefits and how to communicate these benefits to our customers. They learn the niche applications and products where direct digital manufacturing (DDM) truly fits.

And back at the office, we realized that we ourselves (Stratasys) fit the customer profile of an organization who could use FDM as an alternative to plastic injection molding.

Well now we do truly practice what we preach, building production-grade thermoplastic parts on our own equipment to be used as components on the very same equipment that ships to our customers. These components include parts using the following materials: ABS-M30 Black and Ivory colors and PPSF (polyphenylsulfone) for an internal component that was required to withstand high heat.

Read the article online or download the PDF.

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Tim Thellin

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