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3D Printers at MIT

My last two posts have been about my trip to New England in May.  This will be my final post about that trip out east.

My final stop was at MIT. In the robotics lab and classroom for entrepreneurship (E-Center) I saw 4 Dimension 3D Printers. The groups I spoke with love the Stratasys systems because there are no harsh chemicals used in the process, they’re easy to use and they print durable models.

The night I was there they were hosting a big robotics competition and most of the robots had FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) parts somewhere in their assemblies. The instructors are true facilitators and let the students run with their ideas. This allows the students to solve the issues they encounter. The students have full access to the printers as they work on their project. Currently MIT has 12 Stratasys printers on their campus. The instructors and research assistants I spoke to love the ability to print their prototypes in house without sending out information to a machine shop.  In research and development areas of companies and schools, confidentiality is key. 

During my visit to the E-Center their two uPrints were printing away.  On the right is a student project going through their process of development.  Many components were printed on their uPrint 3D Printers.

Jesse Roitenberg

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