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3D Printing Educational Competitions

Every year I see more and more educational competitions and many of these competitions are being focused on design, engineering and 3D Printing.  I feel that it is so important that students are introduced to these competitions.  Students need to experiment in potential career opportunities and actually get some hands-on experience.

Some competitions that I really like and have seen schools using 3D Printing technology.

RoboCup – Benilde St. Margaret’s competes in the rescue cup challenge where they create robots to search and rescue. More Info

Best Robotics – A robotics competition open to middle and high school groups.  More Info

ASEE Design Competition –  The competition outcome changes every year so customization is key. More Info

Battlebots – Another competition where custom 3D models are put on the robots. More Info

First Robotics – We have hundreds of schools using their 3D Printers to print custom parts on their competition robot. More Info

SAE Formula I Challenge – We have many universities using their 3D Printers to print custom parts for their cars. Some are put directly on the car and some are prototypes to prove design before they machine them in metal. More Info

Dimension 3D Printing Extreme Redesign Contest – This is Stratasys’ annual design competition.  This contest is open to all students from middle school to college and is open globally.  $13,500 in scholarship money is given away every year divided up in 3 different categories. More Info

SME Bright Minds Direct Digital Manufacturing Competition – Similar to the Extreme Redesign Contest, but with a focused theme. More Info

It is up to the students and teachers to get involved in these competitions.  If you know of others let me know so I can share those as well.

A 3D model printed on a Dimension SST 1200es and used in the SAE competition.

A prototype of a school’s robot for their competition.  The prototype was printed on a Dimension 3D Printer.

Jesse Roitenberg

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