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ABC Imaging – 3D Models

I was in Dallas last week for an educational event and as I was walking to the event from my hotel I saw this sign.



I always thought this would happen.  Just like a Kinko’s for printing documents, this shop is offering 3D printing and laser engraving as a retail service. Yes, I know there are service bureaus where you can send in your digital data and you get a model back, but this is the first that I have seen advertising to the mainstream. 


I went in to see what technology they are using to create their 3D models. The staff there wasn’t informed on what was being used since the 3D printers were in the Washington, D.C. office. I checked and yes, ABC Imaging does have a Dimension 3D Printer that they use to create models for their customers. 


Truly a cool moment for me to see the service becoming widely accepted and mainstream enough to advertise at a standard copy shop.  The change is coming much faster than we can imagine.

Jesse Roitenberg

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