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Columbia University School of Architecture 3D Printing models

I visited the Architectural department at Columbia University and was able to see how they are using their Dimension 3D Printers. In the graduate department they have two uPrint 3D printers and they are using them to print all the student work. The students load their models in the printer and pay per cubic inch. They pay just for the cost of the plastic. The set up is much like Kinko’s is today, they send their files and then are notified when their prototypes/models are ready. 

When I was there, it was very busy. The two uPrint 3D Printers were printing non-stop and there was a backlog of CAD files waiting to be built. The head of the 3D printing department said that it wouldn’t be long until they added another printer. I really enjoyed seeing how important the 3D models were in the students’ work and portfolios.


CU uPrints

Learn more about the uPrint 3D Printer.

Jesse Roitenberg

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