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“Objectified” My first movie review: Documentary about our relationship with design.

A coworker told me about this interesting documentary about design, called Objectified. The main reason it tweaked my interest was he said that they showed our Stratasys’ Dimension 3D printers building some rapid prototypes for a few seconds. So I made this my very first iTunes rental to watch on my new iPad.

Here is the movie trailer:

I really got into the movie and definitely started to look at physical objects in a different way. Most of us take for granted so many products in which you don’t realize how many changes, re-evaluating, re-inventing, redesigning has been done. In our minds it seems so obvious that that’s the only way it should have been designed.

They also discuss how unbelievable it is that things are still poorly designed today. We’ve all sat in uncomfortable chairs. Doesn’t it seem like they should have figured this out by now? Or digital cameras – why do they still conform to that rectangular shape that was originally designed to accommodate the film? 

For those of you that don’t design for living, watching this documentary will give you new respect for designers; at least the good ones.

I recommend this film and give it 4 shells (The Stratasys logo is a shell, get it?). And in case you wanted to know the Dimension 3D Printers show up around 9:30 and again briefly at 1:11:00.
Learn how design engineers are using 3D printers to improve product designs.

Tim Thellin

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