3D Printing used to ‘Grow’ the Iron Man outfit!

Jason Lopez of Legacy Effects built the Iron Man suit worn by actor Robert Downey Jr., layer by layer, on the Objet Eden 3D printer.  

Thanks to the ultra-realistic 3D model quality produced by the 3D printer, the company's designers no longer had to hold back on their creativity – every line, every detail of their designs were perfectly translated into the 3D models that came out of the printer. And with a 24 hour turnaround from CAD to the final product, brainstorming sessions, meetings and pitches were more efficient and more productive for everybody involved.

Robert Downey, Jr. was particularly grateful for the technology. He remembers filming for the original Iron Man, which took place before Legacy Effects had an Objet system. The star was in constant discomfort due to the gloves he had to wear as part of the superhero suit. They were extremely tight and made it difficult for him to maneuver. For the sequel, the production company scanned Robert’s hands and used the 3D printer to specially create flexible gloves. He was thrilled with the change and happy to work in them for hours.


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