Re-establishing Manufacturing Competitiveness – A New Chance for Advanced Economies?

Many of the leading financial and trend forecasters, including Peter Schiff (who predicted the burst of the ’08 housing bubble and the current economic crisis) and Gerald Celente (who predicted the burst of the ’87 stock-market bubble and the dot-com bubble) agree on one thing: To survive, the advanced economies of Europe and the US need to get back to what they used to do best – manufacturing and producing real products.

However, competing effectively in today’s global economy is far from easy – unless you have an ace card. A uniquely novel technology in the shape of 3D printing and rapid prototyping (see this video interview) is exactly this type of ace card that promises to re-establish the price for quality benchmark for manufacturing and design companies, industries or even national economies wise enough to see the potential now.

Time Compression summarizes the argument in their latest article, by our very own Objet EVP, Gilad Gans: ‘Why 3D Printing Promises a “Mini” Industrial Revolution’.

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