Speedo Shaves Weeks off Prototyping Time using Objet's Multi-Material 3D Printer

tct magazine features this fantastic case study of Speedo - the market leading swimwear brand. It's worth going to the link to read the whole story yourself, but in short, their UK based R&D facility recently installed an Objet Connex350 multi-material 3D printer courtesy of Objet's UK distributor, … [Read more...]

3D Printing Revolution Continues..Printing Clear Transparent Parts

Following on from yesterday's post which introduced Objet's new ABS-like Digital Material, today is dedicated to Objet's brand new Objet VeroClear - a colorless, transparent 3D printing material featuring great dimensional stability for general purpose, fine detail model building and visual simulati … [Read more...]

A Revolution in Inkjet 3D Printing - ABS-like Material!

Inkjet-based 3D printing has long been regarded as the most comprehensive and effective 3D printing method for rapid prototyping purposes. Why? Inkjet is highly accurate - Objet's 3D printing systems can print down to 16 micron layers - creating models with highly smooth surface finish and thin wa … [Read more...]

Revving Up 3D Design Programs

A little friendly competition can go a long way - especially when it comes to getting kids excited about gaining some real-life engineering experience. David Manning, professor at Utah Valley University's Engineering Graphics & Design Technology, has found great success engaging his students with an … [Read more...]

Failure is the Path to Success -- in 3D Printing and in Life

As a teenager learning to waterski at a friend’s cabin one summer, I envied the guys on the lake who could do deep cuts, spraying a wall of water 15 feet high. Yet, afraid to fall down, I was content to safely ski between the dual wakes of water from the boat. That summer, my friend’s dad taught us … [Read more...]

I need suction - Digital Manufacturing of Vacuum Forming Tools

Vacuum forming tools are a perfect application for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology. FDM has the unique capability of creating sparse fills that allow for a vacuum to be pulled through the part. Because of this built in porosity, the benefit for vacuum forming is that it eliminates the nee … [Read more...]

Bringing Innovation to Medical Devices - The Objet Way

With the ink barely dry on my previous post that mentions how multi-material 3D printing can aid in the medical decision-making process, I've just read this heart-warming story published just a few days ago in Design Engineering. It's a perfect example demonstating exactly how Objet's multi-material[Read more...]

How it Works: 3D Printers & Multi-Material Rapid Prototyping


The video below shows you the exact process of building a 3D model using advanced inkjet-based 3D printing. Starting with the initial design on the screen of your CAD software - the 3D printer then proceeds to lay down individual layers of liquid photopolymer resins - that are jetted at a rate of mi … [Read more...]