Bringing Innovation to Medical Devices – The Objet Way

With the ink barely dry on my previous post that mentions how multi-material 3D printing can aid in the medical decision-making process, I’ve just read this heart-warming story published just a few days ago in Design Engineering. It’s a perfect example demonstating exactly how Objet’s multi-material 3D printing technology can cut the prohibitive costs of developing medical devices. In this case, Objet is used by a company called miraclefeet who produce leg braces for children suffering from clubfoot. This is a genetic disorder that is still widely under-treated in some less developed countries where many families simply cannot afford to complete the expensive leg and foot-brace treatments required until the children grow up. It’s great to see that Objet’s 3D printing technology can help here too. You can find out more about Objet’s 3D printing solutions for the medical and medical device industries right here.



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