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Revving Up 3D Design Programs

A little friendly competition can go a long way – especially when it comes to getting kids excited about gaining some real-life engineering experience.

David Manning, professor at Utah Valley University’s Engineering Graphics & Design Technology, has found great success engaging his students with an annual 3D Design Derby, which challenges high school students from across the state to design and manufacture a working 3D computer model of a "pinewood derby" style race car. "Frankly," says Manning, "none of that would be possible without the cars produced through the Dimension 3D Printer." Read More

I have attending one of the competitions and it is amazing. Seeing 300+ students excited about their designs, cars and how they have finished them.  Many of the schools in the area have their own 3D Printer, but those that don’t get assistance from surrounding schools and Utah Valley University in printing. Then on top of that they get to race them. David Manning has told me a couple of times that the Design Derby is his best recruiting tool.

Back to the Future

 One of my favorites, just needs the Flux Capacitor.

This one won fastest car when I attended.

Jesse Roitenberg

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