Learn about the Material Revolution in Rapid Prototyping – Free White Paper

Having taken a small gap break for the spring holidays, we’re back again and following hot on the heels of our previous posts that introduced Objet’s revolutionary ABS-like material for simulating engineering plastics and Objet VeroClear for printing water-clear transparent prototypes and parts.

We now have a new white paper to accompany the launch of both new materials; “New Advances in Rapid Prototyping using Inkjet-based 3D Printing”. It’s an insightful eye-opener into exactly how far rapid prototyping has now advanced thanks to inkjet-based 3D printing technologies.

Providing in-depth information into the new materials, the white paper explains:

  • The major advantages of inkjet-based 3D printing for model visualization and verification purposes
  • How to achieve best fit and form testing
  • New application possibilities using Objet’s clear transparent material
  • How to achieve best functional testing
  • New application possibilities using Objet’s ABS-like material

The white paper is free to download right here.

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