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3D Printing at 2011 Skills Ontario

One of the cooler 3D printed models I have seen in action in quite a while.  I saw this crawler in action at the 2011 Skills Ontario event.  This was a 3D creation of a first-year student from Niagara College.  It reminded me of the At-Ats (I always thought they were Ak-Aks until I just looked how to spell them) from Star Wars.  All moving parts were printed on their Dimension 3D Printer.  You can see the bolts showing where the student assembled the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) parts on.  He put some electronics in the body, which was also a 3D printed model and away it walks.


Click here to see it in action

Also at the Niagara College booth was this 3D model of an assembly tool.  I love the dovetails to assist with assembling the model.  The color scheme is also really well done.  If you see the smaller key rings, those were the school’s giveaway at the event.  A nice takeaway for a prospective student.


It is really exciting when students have access to the industry technology and it is even more important when they have an instructor who allows them to create.

Congrats Niagara College!

Jesse Roitenberg

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