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3D printing brings dimension to breast cancer art

Breast cancer pendantWith the shock of a breast cancer diagnosis comes myriad medical images of the tumor. When Leanor Caraballo, one half of caraballo-farmen, a two-person art and filmmaking team, received her diagnosis, she was moved to illustrate her complex invader in external, artistic form.

The team was introduced to Dimension 3D printing as a way to do so. Abou Farmen and Caraballo worked with radiologists to learn medical imaging, then used CAD software to draw the malignancies and then printed them in sturdy ABS plastic. "We ended up with forms that were beautiful, but extremely complicated; we had never seen anything with so many complex surfaces," says Farman.

The team became the first to three-dimensionally illustrate tumors. Supported by a Guggenheim Fellowship, they are creating public art and jewelry to create expressive, highly personal art. Learn more.

Ruth Jacques

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