Working smarter

The cost of rapid prototyping is offset by a future payoff that can include avoiding an investment in tooling for a less-than-optimal design and highlighting ways in which your design can be improved. This type of expense makes sense regardless of the state of the economy. Following is the fourth an … [Read more...]

Insurance policy

Building a 3D prototype is a little like buying an insurance policy. If the prototype shows the design works as expected, you are out the cost of building the 3D model. If the prototype shows the design was flawed, you will likely avoid a much larger expense, such as an investment in building produc … [Read more...]

Hoping we get lucky

It’s no secret that when the economy is down, one of the first thoughts on managers’ minds is reducing expenses. Prototyping is often one of the first areas to be considered for cost reductions. After all, if we guessed right on the latest design iteration, then it won’t make any difference whether … [Read more...]

Speedy design? There's an app for that.

By Ruth JacquesFDM speeds design cycle for cycling appReal-time analysis of performance metrics can be the split-second difference between first and second place for competitive cyclists. Pedal Brain has created an app for that. Its iPhone accessory logs data to an integrated  Web platform for coach … [Read more...]

Kids Learn about Design using Objet's Desktop 3D Printers


On June 1st, iMaterialize participated at TedxKids Brussels. The purpose of the event was to educate a group of 56 ten-year olds in the art of production by providing them with a hands-on experience with the sorts of technologies affecting our social environment. The day included a series of worksho … [Read more...]

Measure Twice, Cut Once

The first known mention of the proverb “measure twice, cut once” dates back back to 1591 when John Florio published Second Frutes. He could not have dreamt how relevant his words would still be to companies developing products in challenging economic times more than four centuries later. Here’s an e … [Read more...]

Objet 3D Printer used to Recreate Portal 2 Personality Spheres


For anyone familiar with the new Portal 2 game, released in late 2010, then you'll be very pleased to see that some of the 'personality spheres' or 'cores' (representing various characters within the game) have now been recreated by robot engineer Chris Myles, using an Objet 3D Printer, the SolidWor … [Read more...]

Using Objet to Create Contemporary Art - Rapid 2011


The RAPID 2011 Contemporary Art eGallery, sponsored by NCP Leasing is a great place to witness the truly phenomenal potential of 3D printing. There are a number of art pieces here that can only be produced using additive layering techniques - I use this term because there are a range of techniques i … [Read more...]

3D printing revs up auto design cycle

While many of us fantasize about that perfect sports car, Swedish supercar creator, Christian von Koenigsegg is busy designing them – with help from true-to-life prototyping with a Dimension 3D printer.More than 300 parts make up each high-tech car with design and testing taking weeks. With a Dimens … [Read more...]