Excerpt 4: Is Now the Time to Try Direct Digital Manufacturing? (Just What the Doctor Ordered)

Medical device manufacturing is one of the industries with the most to gain from direct digital manufacturing (DDM). Many medical devices are most effective when they're custom built to fit the requirements of the patient. DDM makes it possible to build a custom-fitting device  economically and in a … [Read more...]

Excerpt 3: Is Now the Time to Try Direct Digital Manufacturing? (Give Us the Tools and We Will Finish the Job)

There are many products that are not suited for direct digital manufacturing for reasons such as having high production volumes or tough mechanical property requirements. But direct digital manufacturing (DDM) can help to reduce costs and time-to-market by producing tooling such as jigs, fixtures, g … [Read more...]

IKEA using Objet 3D Printers to Ensure Design Success

As the world's largest furniture maker with over 300 stores in 36 countries, IKEA must be doing something right. Their secret, of course, lies in their ability to provide furniture and homeware that's beautiful, functional, high quality and yet affordable. To achieve this the company strives to e … [Read more...]

We Print a Foldable Stool that can Support Over 100kg!

Objet ABS-like stool low res

  In the spirit of our previous post where I printed a series of 6 adjustable wrenches in our very tough ABS-like material, today we are introducing another cool innovation from the Objet 'blog' lab - a 3D printed foldable stool.. As you can see - it folds up nicely into my hands and actua … [Read more...]

Industry Events Calendar for August and September

The following events are scheduled for August and September. They may be of interest to you, as many focus on rapid prototyping, technology, digital manufacturing and 3D printing. Be sure to check back, as new events are posted monthly. SIGGRAPH 2011 »August 8 - 11, 2011Vancouver, BC AUVSI's Unmanne[Read more...]

Oreck cleans up with fixturing cost savings of up to 65 percent

When Oreck Manufacturing brought Fortus 3D Production Systems to its manufacturing process, they quickly saw a return on their investment and are continually finding new ways to incorporate the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) process, saving time and money.For each series of vacuum produced, Oreck n … [Read more...]

Learn How Injection Molders Use FDM to Streamline Production

“I can’t imagine not having this technology in a manufacturing setting. It is as critical to our business as e-mail.” – Matt Hlavin, President, Thogus Products.Thogus Products is a 61-year-old manufacturing company foundationally rooted in injection molding. In 1997, 56% of sales came from automotiv … [Read more...]

3D Printing a Giant Wrench (!)

Welcome to our very first Objet Video blog! As there's been a lot of talk about printing wrenches recently I decided to do just that. This video shows the incredible accuracy and verstatility of the Objet Connex 500 3D printer in producing a full range of adjustable wrenches ranging in length from j … [Read more...]

Autodesk's Kowalski says 3D printing is making design & mfg accessible to all

By Scott Crump, CEO of StratasysForbes Magazine recently published an interview with Autodesk's VP and CTO, Jeff Kowalski, on the subject of 3D printing and how it will affect manufacturing going forward. Autodesk is the world’s largest CAD software company. Kowalski is in a good position to speak o … [Read more...]

Excerpt 2: Is Now the Time to Try Direct Digital Manufacturing: (The Greening of Manufacturing)

Mass production is inherently a wasteful process. Far in advance of the product launch, design decisions must be made as to what the market will look like at launch time. Resources are invested in purchasing or machining tooling and other equipment, and facilities are needed to mass produce a limite … [Read more...]