Objet’s New 3D Printer Helps Make Medical Procedures Safer












(In photos: Full-scale 3D models of a hand and torso combining transparent and white materials. Created in one print on an Objet Connex 3D Printer)

Doctors at Kobe University Hospital in Japan are already using the new Objet260 Connex multi-material 3D printer – released yesterday – this time to help plan medical procedures and operations. Using the system’s simultaneous multi-material jetting technology, doctors can accurately reproduce and simulate body organs by printing the overall ‘form’ of the organ in Objet’s transparent 3D printing materials and the various internal structures in an Objet rigid opaque 3D printing material.

With the ability to now hold real organ replicas in-hand and ‘see through’ the outer layers to the vital bones, nerves and blood vessels inside, doctors and surgeons have at their fingertips a fantastic decision-making tool that can drastically improve the chances of success in the operating room. Read the full story and see the model organ photos from Kobe University here.

Whatever will they think of next? Printing real organs? (Notice that the method of printing real organs in this video is very similar to how Objet inkjet 3D printing works – great minds think alike then after all..)

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