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Autodesk’s Kowalski says 3D printing is making design & mfg accessible to all

By Scott Crump, CEO of Stratasys

Forbes Magazine recently published an interview with Autodesk’s VP and CTO, Jeff Kowalski, on the subject of 3D printing and how it will affect manufacturing going forward. Autodesk is the world’s largest CAD software company. Kowalski is in a good position to speak on this subject, his team is charged with shaping Autodesk technology and innovation strategies, developing emerging technologies into customer capabilities, and exploring the big ideas that are important to Autodesk.

Kowalski predicts that 3D printing will transform manufacturing by giving everyone the ability to imagine, design, and build complex physical objects as easily as printing a document. “As 3D printing becomes more widespread, the whole economies of scale that have governed manufacturing in the modern era are being turned on their ear,” he says. Kowalski points out that 3D printing drastically reduces the cost of producing things of virtually any complexity in quantities as small as one. With a manufacturing process that does not penalize complexity and personalization, design and manufacturing will become accessible to everyone.

A video of the entire interview can be found here.

Scott Crump

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