3D Printing a Giant Wrench (!)

Welcome to our very first Objet Video blog! As there's been a lot of talk about printing wrenches recently I decided to do just that. This video shows the incredible accuracy and verstatility of the Objet Connex 500 3D printer in producing a full range of adjustable wrenches ranging in length from just 5cm to a giant 49cm (2" to 19.5"). All 6 wrenches, with their movable parts, were printed on the same print tray at the same time – with no assembly required! The wrenches are made of Objet's new ABS-like digital material – a composite material that's tough enough to simulate real ABS-grade engineering plastics in this, and many other functional prototyping applications. Enjoy!


  • Gary Miller
    Jul 19, 2011 11:16 AM

    Hi Sam
    Excellent first video blog, showing off just what the Connex can do and the quality of its parts.
    However I think a brief insight to how easy the Objet Studio software is to use would be also valuable. Other prototyping systems require lengthy and sometimes complicated support structures applying to them before you're able to proceed with a build, and from my experience the operator can be at fault should a support be missed. With the Objet Studio software there no need for any supporting by the user, they simply need to insert the STL file into the software and it does everything else. Showing off how user friendly the Objet software is, for me, a key point.
    I look forward to the next video blog.
    Best regards,

    • Sam Green
      Jul 19, 2011 11:16 AM

      Thanks Gary. You’re quite right about the user-friendliness of the Studio..I will keep this in mind for a future video! Feel free to let me know if you have any others like this! Thanks again..Sam.

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