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Learn How Injection Molders Use FDM to Streamline Production

End of arm tooling made with Fortus FDM technology“I can’t imagine not having this technology in a manufacturing setting. It is as critical to our business as e-mail.” – Matt Hlavin, President, Thogus Products.

Thogus Products is a 61-year-old manufacturing company foundationally rooted in injection molding. In 1997, 56% of sales came from automotive clients. A decade later, feeling the pressure of a poor economy and recognizing the threat of limited diversification, Thogus sought new sources of revenue. The company decided to invest in technology that could diversify and differentiate its capabilities. Bringing in Stratasys’ FDM Technology proved revolutionary for Thogus. Matt Hlavin, president of Thogus, quickly realized a return on his investment, calling Fused Deposition Modeling “as critical to business as e-mail.”

Watch the video to learn how.

Ruth Jacques

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