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Oreck cleans up with fixturing cost savings of up to 65 percent

When Oreck Manufacturing brought Fortus 3D Production Systems to its manufacturing process, they quickly saw a return on their investment and are continually finding new ways to incorporate the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) process, saving time and money.

For each series of vacuum produced, Oreck needs 40 to 50 identical assembly pallets. “Using direct digital manufacturing reduces fixture production costs by up to 65 percent,” said Oreck Senior Model Maker, Bill Fish. “With some traditional fixture projects costing over $100,000, the savings can be substantial.”

Manufacturing the pallet assembly fixture in house is one plus; replacing a damaged fixture component is another. “Anything that takes a pallet off line costs us money,” says Fish.

“We keep the Fortus systems working 24/7.” Oreck uses FDM technology to produce prototypes, as well as models for marketing, specialized assembly tools and more. “The machines are only limited by your imagination,” stated Fish. Learn more.

Ruth Jacques

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