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Excerpt 4: Is Now the Time to Try Direct Digital Manufacturing? (Just What the Doctor Ordered)

Direct digital manufacturing using FDM for medical devices
Medical device manufacturing is one of the industries with the most to gain from direct digital manufacturing (DDM). Many medical devices are most effective when they’re custom built to fit the requirements of the patient. DDM makes it possible to build a custom-fitting device  economically and in a very short period of time. Stratasys CEO Scott Crump addressed this issue in a white paper entitled "Is Now the Time to Try Direct Digital Manufacturing?" Following is the fourth and final excerpt from this paper, along with a link to the full paper.

Manufacturing can also be a bit of a misnomer when the entire spectrum of industries using DDM is considered. Some of the greatest successes are not in the manufacturing industry. Because of the inherent need for custom fitting devices, the medical and dental professions have been early adopters of DDM. Orthotics, prosthetics, hearing aids and dental bridges have all benefitted from DDM. Companies have discovered that DDM is a powerful alternative, rather than a direct replacement, to the conventional manufacturing processes.

Click here to download the complete white paper.


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