QUIRKY TV Show Turns Ideas into Real Products – Premiere Tuesday 30th August!

Something worth viewing: Sundance Channel’s new reality series “Quirky” is premiering Tuesday night, August 30th at 10pm ET/PT. This is a true example of business innovation in action. The 6-part series takes us into the world of Quirky.com, a product development company founded by 24-year-old visionary Ben Kaufman.

In each episode of “Quirky” viewers see Ben and his team develop two ideas from the thousands that are submitted by the public.  Speeding up the development process to new extremes, the Quirky.com team meets impossible deadlines to bring these two new products to life.

And of course, part of their ability to do this is thanks to their Objet Connex multi-material 3D printer.

Make sure you watch the first installment, on the Sundance Channel.

This Wednesday night, August 24th, Sundance Channel holds their press event for the new Quirky TV series. You can follow the event on our live Objet twitter feed. Join the conversation using hashtags #QuirkyonSundance and #QuirkyPremiereParty.

Meanwhile you can see below the Objet Connex350 (who Ben Kaufman lovingly calls ‘Bertha’) making its grand entrance to Quirky’s Headquarters some time last year…

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