Seeing your Design Brought to Life Can be an Emotional Experience! (Video)

It can be a powerful experience to see your new idea – your own baby and brainchild – suddenly appear in the flesh just a couple of hours after designing it on screen..but that is exactly what you will see tonight, at 10pm, in the first installment of 'Quirky'.

Quirky is Sundance Channel's new reality TV show that charts the story of Ben Kaufman's company as they take new innovative designs and turn them into functioning products in rapid time.

And as an extra little surprise, we've managed to get an exclusive snippet from the show for you. In this clip you'll see a product designer get quite emotional when she see's her new pasta strainer prototype come to life on the Objet Connex 3D printer.

Got your own design that you've brought to life? Send me your story with photos and videos so we can share them on this blog and on facebook. Write me at


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  • Samuel
    Aug 30, 2011 8:47 AM

    It would be interesting if you built a camera into your 3D machines to take a snapshot of whatever is being created, over time building up an animation, or ten hour film, of the object being created!

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