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2 Cool Technologies in 1: 3D Printing & QR Codes – at the Quirky Launch Party (Video)

Last week’s Quirky TV launch party was a great success as you can see in the video at the bottom of this post.  Many thanks to Ben Kaufman and his team for their very kind words about Objet and our 3D printers!

Here at Objet we spent hours putting together a nice little giveaway for the guests that would help them really understand the creative power and potential of 3D printing.  We eventually came up with this 3D printed puzzle game – complete with a QR code printed on the back panel. When scanned by a smart phone reader the QR code takes guests to our mobile mini-site where they can watch our Objet260 Connex 3D printer in action.

You can try this now with your smart phone by scanning the photo above.

Like 3D printing, QR codes are another very cool and very practical technology making waves within the business mainstream. It’s great that we can demonstrate both these technologies together in a single giveaway.

Even without the QR code though, the printed puzzle is a unique phenomenon – printed in various grey shade combinations of black and white all in a single print job on the Objet Connex 3D printer. This is the world’s only 3D printing technology able to combine up to 14 different shades and textures in a single model derived from just 2 machine-loaded materials. And of course because 3D printing uses an additive rather than subtractive building process, the puzzle’s movable digit pieces come out of the printer already assembled and in place within the puzzle frame – a truly mind-bending concept when you stop to think about it.

Sam Green, Head of Marketing for Rapid Prototyping Solutions, Stratasys

Sam Green, Head of Marketing for Rapid Prototyping Solutions, Stratasys

Sam Green is Head of Marketing for Rapid Prototyping Solutions at Stratasys.

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