If We Can't Guilt You into Recycling, Can we Bribe You with an iPad?

When you see how much impact a simple act of recycling 3D printer material carriers has, it's hard to resist doing good. Consider this:Recycling 10 Fortus filament canisters is the equivalent of removing a car from the road for one week.Recycling one Fortus or Dimension 3D printer filament cartridge … [Read more...]

Think recycling material carriers has no impact? Here's a shocker!

To get an idea of the importance of recycling your 3D printer carriers, consider this:A 60-watt bulb can be lit for 5 days on the energy saved by recycling one steel FDM/Fortus filament canister!The Stratasys Consumable Recycling Program has been expanded from Europe and the US to Canada. The progra … [Read more...]

September highlights

As fall kicked into high gear, students and teachers sharpened pencils and revved up their 3D printers. Find out how one Minnesota middle school added heft to its pre-engineering curriculum with the Dimension uPrint Personal 3D Printer. Read more.Those kids might one day join the University of Minne[Read more...]

See the Objet260 Connex- Live! At TCT Birmingham (UK, 27-29th Sept)


If you're anywhere near the NEC Birmingham (UK) today, this is your chance to see the new Objet260 Connex compact multi-material 3D printer in action. Objet will be showcasing the 3D printer along with some amazing 3D printed models and prototypes at stand G28. Also, tomorrow, September 28th, sho … [Read more...]

3D Printing & The Re-Invention of the American Dream


The Manufacturing Price Component  A staggering 40% of a typical end-product's selling price is determined by manufacturing costs. For any company involved in the manufacture or production of goods it's therefore crucial that the manufacturing process be as efficient as possible. To achieve this … [Read more...]

Finished Urbee body Unvieled - First 3D Printed Auto Body

Last year Stratasys announced it had partnered with KorEcologic to produce the first 3D printed car body for the Urbee – a 200 mpg hybrid fueled by gas, ethanol, or free solar power from a panel on your garage roof. Last week at the TEDxWinnepeg conference, KorEcologic treated the crowd to an unveil … [Read more...]

Middle schoolers’ ideas become “caffeinated” via 3D printer

Would you trust the stability of that cup of coffee you grab for the road to a 12-year old? You would if that middle-schooler had an assignment from Peter Grimm, an industrial technology teacher at Southview Middle School in Edina, MN. Grimm challenges his eighth and seventh grade pre-engineering s … [Read more...]

Weird & Wonderful 3D Creations (II) - A Table of 3D Printed Feet!


Following the runaway viral success of the 3D Printed Toddler, the Objet blog brings you our latest weird and wonderful 3D printed creation:  'The Table of 3D Printed Feet'. Ideal for medical and anatomical applications, these 3D models were all created on the Objet Connex multi-material 3D print … [Read more...]

Trek Bicycles Chooses Objet for Rapid Prototyping and Fast Functional Testing


  Why wait 28 days for a CNC part when you can get it in 2 hours? This is the sort of question that every designer, engineer and manufacturing company should be asking themselves - particularly in today's economic climate where competition is stiff and markets are tough. Manufacturing is expen … [Read more...]

U of M Formula SAE teams up with RedEye

The University of Minnesota Formula SAE Team found that FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) is a powerful tool and teamed with RedEye's rapid prototyping capibilities to help fine-tune their designs and build their low-volume custom parts.In total, three complete intake assemblies were built out of FDM … [Read more...]