Brad Pitt’s New Movie ‘Moneyball’ Teams up with Quirky – Live!

In just a few hours, Objet customer Quirky, will be running a promotional event in conjunction with Columbia Pictures’ new movie, Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt.

‘Thinking outside the box’ is the theme of the film and the event. Based on a true story, small-town baseball team manager Billy Beane (Pitt) devises a non-conventional approach to scout for players in an attempt to create a competitive team at a fraction of the usual cost. A similar theme is also behind the success of Quirky’s unique business model that takes a  ‘social’ approach to product design and development to bring product designs to market more efficiently.

Quirky’s design team will be re-inventing the bicycle at the live 24 hour event, creating a prototype, live – with the help of its online community. The prototype will then be revealed at the Moneyball movie premiere on the red carpet on September 19th.

You can see the live stream of the event right here below!

Also make sure to look out for the Objet Connex 3D printer (lovingly known by Ben Kaufman and the Quirky team as ‘Bertha‘) that will be used to rapidly prototype the new product using its multi-material 3D printing capability.

The live stream will be up from 11am PST,  September 18th.

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