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Middle schoolers’ ideas become “caffeinated” via 3D printer

Student cup holder design using Dimension's uPrint 3D Printer Would you trust the stability of that cup of coffee you grab for the road to a 12-year old? You would if that middle-schooler had an assignment from Peter Grimm, an industrial technology teacher at Southview Middle School in Edina, MN.

Grimm challenges his eighth and seventh grade pre-engineering students to find a solution for the problem of ill-fitting cup holders in older vehicles. By incorporating the educational power of 3D printing, students’ creative ideas are easily brought from a CAD drawing to a three-dimensional working model via n-house  rapid prototyping technology.

It’s an economical, shared resource that supports the school’s commitment to twentieth century literacy. “At around 120 pounds, Dimension’s uPrintTM Personal 3D Printer is easy for a few people to lift, which allows us to transport it easily between two middle schools. A competitor’s smallest model weighed nearly 80 pounds more,” said Grimm.

 “uPrint has really helped bring kids into the engineering lab,” Grimm added. Read more about middle school’s 3D printer success.

Ruth Jacques

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