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September highlights

As fall kicked into high gear, students and teachers sharpened pencils and revved up their 3D printers. Find out how one Minnesota middle school added heft to its pre-engineering curriculum with the Dimension uPrint Personal 3D Printer. Read more.

Those kids might one day join the University of Minnesota’s Formula SAE Team, which used RedEye’s rapid prototyping capabilities to fine-tune designs and build low-volume, custom parts. Judges and students were impressed with how well assemblies created with RedEye process held up under stressful race conditions.

Outside the classroom, Stratasys and KorEcologic partnered to produce the first 3D printed car body — the Urbee — a prototype 200 mpg hybrid car fueled by gas, ethanol or solar power.

Be sure to check out some great tips on using Dimension 3D Printing systems for creating tooling for creating vacuum forming  and, take a look at our Sept. 19th blog entry, to see what resulted when Mark, one of our FDM 3D printing application engineers accepted the challenge from Steven Colbert, of the Colbert Report, to take a 3D file of his scanned head and do something creative with it. Mark used the uPrint Personal 3D Printer.

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