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Think recycling material carriers has no impact? Here’s a shocker!

To get an idea of the importance of recycling your 3D printer carriers, consider this:
Stratasys recycling program logo
A 60-watt bulb can be lit for 5 days on the energy saved by recycling one steel FDM/Fortus filament canister!

The Stratasys Consumable Recycling Program has been expanded from Europe and the US to Canada. The program enables customers to return their spent materials spools, cartridges and canisters to the factory for refurbishing and reuse to avoid the need for disposal. The program includes an intuitive website that prompts users through a quick process to generate a return label to the factory.

Recycling one plastic Dimension/Fortus filament cartridge can save enough energy to power a 100-watt light bulb for 4 days.

The recycling program process takes under 1 minute to generate a return lable. 


Joe Hiemenz

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