Re-Inventing the Bicycle in Just 24 Hours at the Moneyball Premiere (With a Little Help from a 3D Printer and Brad Pitt)

The clip below shows exactly how 3D printing helped Quirky reinvent the bicycle in just 24 hours at the Moneyball film premiere – a collaboration between Quirky and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The 3D printer is used to produce real, functional bike parts using the new Objet ABS-like material – a composite photopolymer able to simulate the toughness of engineering plastics. At the end of the clip we see Moneyball star, Brad Pitt arrive for the premiere and check out the bike for himself.

Actually, if Brad or any of the producers from Hollywood are reading this, I have an idea for a film: Imagine a new full-length re-make of MacGyver – Angelina Jolie’s other half in the lead role – but this time, instead of duct tape and a Swiss Army knife, MacGyver gets locked up in a barn with a handy 3D printer! Just imagine the stuff he could do!


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  • Dave
    Oct 3, 2011 4:57 PM

    Unless they did a lot of stuff that’s not in the video, this is the most pathetic use of 3D printing I’ve seen in months. Was that IT? A stem fitting and some trim? Lame and a half.

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