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Excerpt 2: How to Justify the Cost of a Rapid Prototyping System (Don’t Rock the Boat)

You know an additive manufacturing system can benefit your operation. But when building a business case for system purchase, be careful not to overstate the benefits or state them in a way that will threaten key players in your organization. A Stratasys white paper addresses how to create a business case that is compelling and believable. It is entitled, "Making the Case: How to Justify the Cost of a Rapid Prototyping System." Below is the second in a series of excerpts from this white paper, which discusses the elements to include in your justification.

“Ideally, the justification will show a large return for a small investment. This is the winning combination, but the process of getting to this combination may not be so simple. In fact, it is often best to include only what is necessary to show a compelling return. While it is tempting to boldly state that all prototypes companywide will be produced on the new additive manufacturing machine, making this claim may threaten other department heads, set unrealistically high expectations or make the business case unbelievable.”

View or download the complete white paper: Making the Case: How to Justify the Cost of a Rapid Prototying system.

Joe Hiemenz

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