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Excerpt 4: Making the Case: How to Justify the Cost of a Rapid Prototyping System (Time is Money)

When making a business case to purchase an additive manufacturing system the primary focus is usually on the money that can be saved. Another benefit that is more difficult to quantify is the ability to produce prototypes faster, which in turn can result in the ability to get your product to market faster. The problem is that it’s sometimes difficult to quantify additive manufacturing’s ability to make prototypes and production parts faster. A white paper addressing this issue follows, along with a link to the complete paper. It is entitiled, "Making the Case: How to Justify the Cost of a Rapid Prototyping System." 

“Additive manufacturing’s greatest benefit is making things fast. Instead of waiting days for a CNC-machined prototype, an additive manufacturing system can make the part overnight. In a fast-paced, pressure-filled business environment, it is obvious that reducing delivery by days is extremely beneficial. This potential is what draws many to the technology, but time can be very hard to quantify in a cost justification.”

View or download the complete white paper: Making the Case: How to Justify the Cost of a Rapid Prototying system.

Joe Hiemenz

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