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FDM can help cut manufacturing costs

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology is helping manufacturers get complex products to market more quickly and at less expense than more traditional manufacturing processes. Following are just a few examples of the advantages offered:

Repeatability. Fused Deposition Modeling uses thermoplastic material, which provides for more consistent, finely finished models and parts, speeding your product to market faster.

Digital technology. With only a change to the CAD data, new variations of products produced on an FDM machine can be immediately ready for production; short runs of parts can shave weeks off manufacturing time; and entire assemblies can be produced as one piece, eliminating assembly-related cost, time and quality problems.

Custom capabilities. Truly custom designs can be brought to life easily – music to the ears of designers and engineers. Learn more about how custom guitars were built using FDM technology and materials.

Material strength. As ever more functional materials like ABS M30 are developed, rapid prototyping is moving closer and closer to providing a true cost-effective alternative to injection molding in many manufacturing situations.

Quick, low-volume production. Instead of interrupting current production projects to fulfill additional orders from your customers, digital manufacturing for prior and post-production orders can keep everyone happy.

Read about how other manufacturers use FDM.

Tim Thellin

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