3D Printing Meets Stone Age Tools!


About a million years ago, stone and flint tools were the primary means of survival for our pre-historic ancestors. These tools enabled early man to project and magnify his physical abilites using a variety of cutting, sawing and pounding surfaces. Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow are lecturers at the … [Read more...]

Excerpt 4: Making the Case: How to Justify the Cost of a Rapid Prototyping System (Time is Money)

When making a business case to purchase an additive manufacturing system the primary focus is usually on the money that can be saved. Another benefit that is more difficult to quantify is the ability to produce prototypes faster, which in turn can result in the ability to get your product to market … [Read more...]

Excerpt 3: Making the Case: How to Justify the Cost of a Rapid Prototyping System (If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Try Again)

The simplest way to make a case to purchase an additive manufacturing system is to show that money can be saved by replacing existing prototyping and manufacturing methods. It’s more difficult to quantify the enormous benefits of producing more prototypes or of making production parts. For example, … [Read more...]

Excerpt 2: How to Justify the Cost of a Rapid Prototyping System (Don’t Rock the Boat)

You know an additive manufacturing system can benefit your operation. But when building a business case for system purchase, be careful not to overstate the benefits or state them in a way that will threaten key players in your organization. A Stratasys white paper addresses how to create a business … [Read more...]

Excerpt 1: How to Justify the Cost of a Rapid Prototyping System

Frontline engineers usually have no difficulty seeing the value of an additive manufacturing system, but convincing the executives who must sign off on the capital expense is more difficult. A white paper is available to help designers, engineers and product managers make the business case for a sys … [Read more...]

3D printer helps Tape Wrangler boost revenue

A cost reduction of 86%, coupled with 41% faster turn-around time are just two of the reasons Tape Wrangler, a Michigan-based company, is more than pleased with their in-house Dimension 3D printer. As a producer of specialty hardware products, including the popular Tape Wrangler™ heavy-duty tape di … [Read more...]

The Power of Digital Dentistry in Action! (Video)


Offering the ability to cut production times, increase efficiency and standardize high levels of accuracy across the board, the digital production of dental models and parts is rapidly becoming the standard production method for dental laboratories. How does 3D Printing Help Dental Labs?  So … [Read more...]

Re-Inventing the Bicycle in Just 24 Hours at the Moneyball Premiere (With a Little Help from a 3D Printer and Brad Pitt)


The clip below shows exactly how 3D printing helped Quirky reinvent the bicycle in just 24 hours at the Moneyball film premiere - a collaboration between Quirky and Sony Pictures Entertainment. The 3D printer is used to produce real, functional bike parts using the new Objet ABS-like material - a … [Read more...]