Some Emotional Responses to 3D Printing & The Objet Connex!

3D printing and rapid prototyping can evoke quite strong emotional responses from some people. This is particularly true if you mention one of the Objet Connex 3D printers that feature the world's first and only multi-material 3D printing capability. In this short clip we capture what some of the pa … [Read more...]

A Look at Objet's New Materials at EuroMold 2011

Nobody knows Objet's 3D printing materials like our very own Zehavit Reisin. In this short clip she takes me on a guided tour of the Objet booth at this year's EuroMold and provides some insights into the amazing 3D printed models and prototypes produced with the new materials released this year.. … [Read more...]

3D Printing Takes the Stage on U2's 360 Tour

For superstar rock band U2's massive U2360 tour, which delivered concerts to arenas worldwide from 2009 to 2011, the band needed a steering-wheel-shaped microphone strong enough for singer Bono to swing from. Oh — and it had to glow from within, illuminated by LEDs. U2 turned to 1212-Studio, which h … [Read more...]

3D Printed Concept Lamp - in Multiple Materials!

This is our last one for tonight! Check out this lovely 3D printed concept lamp - also known as the Cocoon Lamp. An excellent example of the capabilities of Objet's Connex line of multi-material 3D printers. This entire lamp, along with it's different rubber-like and rigid materials were all printed … [Read more...]

Digital Dental Models on Display at EuroMold 2011

Following closely on the heels of the 3D printed dashboard, Objet's very own Avi Cohen, Head of Medical and Dental Solutions for Objet talks us through some of the amazing 3D models and parts for digital dentistry available to see on the Objet Stand (Hall 11, D90). … [Read more...]

Working 3D Printed Car Dashboard! Objet at EuroMold 2011

Jonathan Jaglom, our VP Sales Operations and his team have been working overtime to produce this fantastic, fully-sized car dashboard in time for EuroMold. The final result is highly impressive. It's printed in Objet's high strength ABS-like Digital Material to simulate the material toughness of the … [Read more...]

EuroMold has Arrived - A Video Tour of the Objet Booth!

Can't make it to this year's EuroMold event? Don't worry. Yours truly will be keeping you posted on the all the latest developments right here on the Objet blog. This will be the first of a series of video blogs that I'll be posting today and tomorrow, live from Frankfurt - the home of EuroMold and … [Read more...]

Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing December and January Events

If you’re looking for a break from cold winter weather, December and January offer several warm-weather industry events. Check our events section frequently, as we regularly post events interest, including events centered around rapid prototyping technology, digital manufacturing and 3D printing. PR[Read more...]

This new prototype-support material is faster and enables finer detail

Today Stratasys introduced a new soluble support material for its rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing systems. It's called SR-100 and it's for use with the polycarbonate (PC-10) formulation. Without a soluble support material, the prototype's supports must be manually removed. Automat … [Read more...]

Rapid Prototyping Service Bureau - IPF Reveals Some Amazing 3D Models!

Gary Miller, Head of RP and 3D printing at IPF explains the unique advantages that his 3D printing service bureau provides in this video clip below, complete with a very cool selection of multi-material prototypes printed on the Objet Connex500. You can see more great 3D models in the photos and vid … [Read more...]