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Direct Digital Manufacturing could be just the prescription you need

ScriptPro bezel in use What kind of savings could you see? ScriptPro, which manufactures automated pill-dispensing systems for pharmacies, realized a net savings of nearly 80 percent – savings that were easy to swallow.

Robotic dispensing systems, which automate the pill bottle filling function, allow for more patient counseling time and reduced wait times. The large variety of vial sizes available, however, posed design and manufacturing challenges.  ScriptPro, therefore, customizes its machines for each pharmacy.

As one of the early adopters of direct digital manufacturing, ScriptPro knew their in-house Fortus 3D Production System, using rugged FDM, or Fused Deposition Modeling material, could eliminate machining and tooling costs and time for the nearly 60 bezels it supports to accomodate the various vial sizes.

"Since we don’t know which bezel will be needed for which machine until it is ordered, using FDM has saved us the cost of producing stock, and it can produce parts within a day or two," said Bill Thomas, VP Manufacturing for ScriptPro. "Flexibility is, by far, the strongest feature of the Fortus system," added Thomas. "We can experiment with product design, test it, and make changes without having to go to tooling. And then we can start getting production parts within a few days, versus what could extend into months."

Learn more about how an investment in low-volume, direct manufacturing can provide a healthy dose of savings for your operations.

Ruth Jacques

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