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Now You Can Lease a 3D Printer

3D printer leasing, New 3D Printer, uPrint, 3D Print package, Rapid Prototyping, Direct Digital Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Manufacturing, 3DP, RP, DDM, AM, RMIn a news release today, Stratasys said it would begin offering complete 3D printing packages, called “3D Print Packs,” that include new special-edition uPrint machines.This is new. No one else offers a complete, all-in-one package that makes it this simple to get up and modeling.

And in the U.S., the 3D Print Packs are available for a monthly lease price of $290, another first. At $290 a month, buying may be less expensive than outsourcing a single model. Think of the money you’d save by in-sourcing only a few models a month.

Although these are the company’s lowest-price 3D printers, you can expect high accuracy. A recent Grimm & Associates benchmark study of 3D printers showed the predecessor uPrint model had higher accuracy than one of those uber-high res competing printers.

If you’re presently outsourcing a few models a month, would buying a 3D Print Pack be more cost-effective than outsourcing for you? How much could you save by keeping your print jobs in house?

Joe Hiemenz

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