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Rapid Prototyping Speeds Nestlé Redesigns

What could you do in the time it takes to brew and drink a pot of coffee? Nespresso

Nestlé Nespresso S.A. can pour out a new iteration of its highly-designed single-serve espresso machine with caffeinated speed thanks to its Diminsion 3D rapid prototyping machine.

If you’re an espresso afficianado, then you know the care, craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each tiny cup. More than 20 years ago Nestlé Nespresso developed a home-brewed option that rivals the pours of trained baristas. The company’s engineers, like those baristas, take great pride in brewing up new and improved models on a near daily basis.

Before 2003, when Nestlé purchased its Dimension 3D printer, such a feverish creative pace was impossible. Models were outsourced and often outdated before they ever made it back for testing. Today, the team can take a hot idea and run with it in about the time it takes to brew and drink a pot of coffee. "You could say that we cast aside our inhibitions in developing new ideas,” says engineer Christian Jarisch.

Strong, durable ABS plastic makes it possible to produce mechanically stable parts so functional tests of brewing units, handles, capsule holders and more can be carried out on the models.

With fused deposition modeling Nestlé can now execute the most minor, yet potentially promising change to a detail in just a few hours – an advantage the innovative company can no longer live without.
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Ruth Jacques

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