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Rapid Prototyping Fits With OTTO’s Vertical Integration

As OTTO, maker of precision controls and communication devices, celebrated its 50th anniversary, it tested a new capability: in-house rapid prototyping on a Fortus 3D Production System. OTTO can design, test and manufacture devices for its demanding military, public safety, medical and commercial clients — all right at home on its Carpentersville, Ill., campus. Machine Shop Manager John Lang, while considering bringing a Fused Deposition Modeling system into the OTTO fold, used a trial machine to make key chains for 950 attendees to the company’s June anniversary celebration. Guests watched the machine in action at the party.

Soon OTTO welcomed its Fortus 400mc and began using it for much more than party favors.

“The fact that we can get prototypes out fast really helps our business,” says OTTO Marketing Manager Jim Starkey. The Fortus costars with Lang in a time-lapse video touting OTTO’s rapid-prototyping capabilities, in which a digital file becomes a tangible controller prototype significantly faster than was possible before.

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