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This new prototype-support material is faster and enables finer detail

SR-100 Soluble Support for use with polycarbonate parts. Soluble Support is no longer for ABS.Today Stratasys introduced a new soluble support material for its rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing systems. It’s called SR-100 and it’s for use with the polycarbonate (PC-10) formulation. Without a soluble support material, the prototype’s supports must be manually removed. Automating the process speeds up the time to get a finished part in hand. Dissolve time is only about 30-120 minutes.

Prior to this introduction, soluble support material was available only for material formulations containing ABS. Now product designers can have automated support removal with PC.

Beyond the time reduction, users get another benefit when they elect to use SR-100 for polycarbonate parts. Fortus machines using the new support material also will get a new resolution option: the "5-mil" layer thickness setting [0.005 in. (0.127 mm) ] which is the finest available for any FDM machine. So users can now build fine detailed parts from polycarbonate.

Read the SR-100 soluble support news release.

Joe Hiemenz

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