Excerpt 2: The Accuracy Myth: Don’t Make the Mistake of Confusing Resolution with Accuracy

It’s only natural that engineers working with additive manufacturing / 3D printing should have focused on the resolution of the manufacturing system in the days when "rapid prototyping" was used to produce conceptual models judged on  appearance only. Today, additive manufacturing is commonly used t … [Read more...]

Tiny 3D Printed Car! (With Moving Wheels)

car close up

This is David Sun. He's the senior mechanical engineer at Iris International, a company doing amazing work in developing medical diagnostic instruments. In April 2011 David joined the hematology division and began developing functional parts for optical adaptors. Part of his job involves using th … [Read more...]

Resolution vs. Accuracy: Why You Should Care

The following post came to us from guest blogger Bonnie Meyer, senior applications engineer.As I put the finishing touches on next week’s Accuracy Myths webinar, in which I aim to end confusion between resolution and accuracy, I thought I’d share my perspective on why this topic is important.I once … [Read more...]

Objet Releases High Temperature Resistant 3D Printing Material!

new materials

Objet has just released its 5th new 3D printing material for this year - the Objet High Temperature Material (RGD525). This brings the company's full material tally to 68 (!) so far. Our very own Jonathan Jaglom explains the benefits of the new material in the short clip below. Here are some … [Read more...]

The Pentagon Deploys DDM

A recent Defense News article confirms it: The Pentagon is embracing direct digital manufacturing (DDM).  It makes sense. Although the stakes are much higher in defense than other fields — lives and missions rather than jobs and profits — the DOD is under the same pressures as many businesses that … [Read more...]

Excerpt 1: The Accuracy Myth: Don’t Make the Mistake of Confusing Resolution with Accuracy

When design and manufacturing professionals glance at a high-resolution additively manufactured part and assess it as "high accuracy" they make a big mistake. High resolution can make a pretty part, but this high resolution itself does not mean the part is accurate. In other words, that perfect-look … [Read more...]

3D Printed Circuit Boards? Maybe with an Objet Connex..


Caleb Garling over at Wired just posted an interesting article about another new potential application for 3D printing - this time it's 3D printed circuit boards. He quotes David ten Have, CEO of Ponoko (a new breed of company similar in ways to Quirky's personal product development business model). … [Read more...]

Extreme Redesign's '09 winner pursues engineering career

Recently, Jordan Berger, a New Paltz High School student and past winner of our Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge, contacted us at Dimension. The 2009 victor is now applying at colleges, and requested that we print some of her winning designs for her visits to potential schools. Jordan wrote: … [Read more...]

Indian Springs help pour on savings for Anhauser-Busch

Indian Springs Manufacturing Company, Inc., specializes in CNC machining and manufacturing and also manufactures and distributes hazardous material containment and air cleaner kits. Both sides of the business require quickly produced, high-quality models for testing form, fit and function.However, w … [Read more...]

Objet 3D Printer at WIRED 2011 Event in London


3D printing was a hot topic when we attended Wired Magazine’s inaugural conference in London this month. Objet was invited to take a starring role demonstrating multi-material 3D printing in the conference’s Test Lab – a session for delegates to explore the latest fascinating new technologies, as se … [Read more...]