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Large Prototyping Without Compromise

Fortus 900mc produced airplane dashboardAt Evektor  s.r.o, headquartered at the international airport in Kunovice, Czech Republic, size is no longer an issue when it comes to producing prototypes for lightweight aircraft, automotive and consumer components.

When outsourcing proved too time consuming and the costs to produce large components such as airplane dashboard covers started to soar, Evektor turned to Stratasys and its Fortus 900mc system — a 3D production system which utilizes fused deposition modeling. This in-house solution satisfies not only large build capacity production requirements, but is also compatible with ULTEM* 9085, a flame-retardant thermoplastic needed for some of its end-use parts.

 “We easily save up to 80% of the costs when producing more complex parts,” said Igor Mega, head of technology at Evektor. He added, “Some of the benefits of the Fortus machine are not directly quantifiable, but are equally important to us as a company. For example, we can now develop and test innovative designs – and if necessary change them quickly without halting the production process. This means we no longer need to make ‘functional’ compromises.”

What compromises are you making without a rapid manufacturing system in place?

Learn more about Evektor’s experience with the Fortus 900mc.

Ruth Jacques

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