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Excerpt 2: How to Design Your Part for Direct Digital Manufacturing (Keep on Iterating)

DDM system"If at first you DO succeed, try try again" is an important rule to keep in mind when designing a part for direct digital manufacturing. A key advantage of direct digital manufacturing is that it allows you to easily and inexpensively build prototypes using the same manufacturing technology that will be used to produce the finished parts. So you can easily build and test a range of alternatives. Try something wild – who knows, maybe it will work. If it doesn’t, you don’t lose a thing. If it does work, you might get a jump on your competitors. Further, when you come up with a design that works, keep trying to improve it. The cost of each design iteration is so low that many iterations can be justified by a small improvement in performance.

"How to Design Your Part for Direct Digital Manufacturing" is a Stratasys white paper that explains how to take full advantage of the benefits of additive manufacturing during the design process. Here’s the second of four excerpts from the paper along with a link to the full paper:

Increase the frequency of design iterations and plan to continue design refinement much later in the product development cycle. Continue to hone the design right up to the day that the product is launched.

View or download the complete How to Design Your Part for Direct Digital Manufacturing white paper.

View the first excerpt previously posted the week of January 2nd.

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