David vs. Goliath using a 3D Printed Catapult

3000 years ago David defeated Goliath with a leather slingshot and a well-aimed stone to the forehead. Seeing their champion defeated, the opposing Philistine army fled, leaving David to claim the field - and the hand of the King's daughter in marriage. That's not a bad return for his investment. … [Read more...]

3D Printing Question of the Week: What's your dream material?

Welcome to the first 3D Printing Question of the Week! We're launching this new feature to spark conversation among engineers, designers and Stratasys experts. Please take a moment to add your two cents.  Last year, researchers at Exeter University began 3D printing with chocolate. A new system at M … [Read more...]

My Latest Desk Gadgets - 3D Printed Gear Cube & Transparent Horse

gear_cube_blog cover

I saw one of these 3D printed gear cubes on my neighbor's desk and just had to have one! First off, for those of you who are newcomers to 3D printing, this little device was 'grown' in a single production step and came out of an Objet 3D printer basically as you see it, with no need to assemble the … [Read more...]

Will 3D Printing Go the Way of Virtual Reality?

An article in MIT’s Technology Review, “ Why 3D Printing Will Go the Way of Virtual Reality,” speaks to the hype surrounding 3D printers today.While there’s a lot of understandable excitement over 3D printers for consumer use, I have to agree with the author that the vision of the Star Trek-like hom … [Read more...]

An Introduction to 3D Printing for Architecture - by Piet Meijs


I'd like to introduce you to our very first industry specialist  - Piet Meijs, Senior 3D Expert at Rietveld Architects in New York. Piet is highly experienced in the use of 3D printing and rapid prototyping for architectural design. This is his very first Objet blog post, so expect to see much m … [Read more...]

Skate Where the Puck is Going: Toward Additive Manufacturing

Last week Gardner Publishing, launched “Additive Manufacturing,” a quarterly supplement to Modern Machine Shop and its sister publication, MoldMaking Technology. A surprising move, since these publications are aimed at CNC and mold-making facility leaders. By recalling hockey legend Wayne Gretsky’s … [Read more...]

A 3D Printed Dragon in Honor of the Chinese New Year!


Today, Chinese people around the world usher in the Year of the Dragon. We wish all our Chinese friends a Gong Xi Fa Ca! - Mandarin for 'wishing you prosperity'. To honor the new year we've printed this cute Dragon in our transparent 3D printing material (Objet VeroClear). This little guy can be pri … [Read more...]

Latest Photos of the 3D Printed Cocoon Lamp!


Remember the blog video we shot of the 3D Printed Concept Lamp at EuroMold 2011? Well, I just received some amazing additional photos that I'd like to share with you below. All of these are courtesy of the lamp's creator Patric Günther, over at the Voxel Studio. Inspired by Neri Oxman's "the beas[Read more...]

DOD STARBASE Program Invests in Kids with $1 Million Order for 3D Printers

The Department of Defense STARBASE youth program recently placed a large order – roughly $1 million – with Stratasys for another batch of 3D printers. DOD STARBASE locations nationwide now have more than 100 Dimension and uPrint 3D printers being used as classroom technology. 3D printing or rapid pr … [Read more...]

Objet 3D Printer Wins 'Best of the Best' from Dental Lab Products Magazine

Avi dental2

The Objet Eden260V was recently nominated the 'Readers Choice' Top Product by subscribers to Dental Lab Products Magazine. The Objet machine was the only 3D printer to be honored in the list of over 230 new product innovations featured in the magazine and on the website during 2011. 3D printin … [Read more...]