3D Printing Helps Whirlpool Push New Design Boundaries


Patrick Schiavone joined Whirlpool Corp. as its chief home-appliance designer after overseeing Ford North America car designs for many years where he was credited with the design of the eleventh-generation Ford F-150, the best selling truck in the world, as well as the iconic 1994 Ford Mustang.

Having joined Whirlpool, one day while out shopping for a leather sofa, he began to wonder if a refrigerator might look good in leather. So he had his staff build him a prototype. That was the beginning of a new design direction for Whirlpool which has also transformed the formerly known ‘white industry’, giving it a much more consumer-oriented approach, based upon a clean yet sophisticated European design style.

Partick starts by sketching his ideas and then creating a computer rendering. The next step in many cases is to send these designs to their Objet 3D printer which rapidly churns out an accurate prototype for Partick and his team to evaluate.

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You can also learn more about 3D printing for the consumer electronics industry on our website. (there are some great videos to watch!).

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